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How to create a telemedicine app like doctor-on-demand

In our modern world we would like to do all our tasks with just a mobile phone. Learn how to help people make an appointment with a doctor, receive a consultation, get a receipt, and even pay for such a service with a single tap.

Mobile development|7 min min read

10 Benefits of Having Healthcare Mobile App

Do you still postpone the development of a mobile platform for your business in the sphere of healthcare? Perhaps, the benefits mentioned in this article will change your mind.

Mobile development|5 min read

13 Best Free Food Delivery Apps in UK: It’s Time to Learn Them All

Plans developing a mobile app that will dominate the market of food delivery applications? The first thing you should do is to get acquainted with the top 13 most popular food delivering service providers.

Mobile development|5 min read

On-demand Food Delivery Platforms. Types and Features

Today we introduce three major types of food delivery platforms, comment on their advantages and disadvantages, and help you to make a suitable business-wise decision.

Mobile development|6 min read

How to Hire a Great Java App Development Company

Java is dominating the software market nowadays. To find a reliable vendor you'd better keep in mind the following important points. 

Mobile development|4 min read

5 Benefits of a Food Delivery App

The article covers the major principles every business owner should keep in mind while developing the app for food delivery sphere.

Mobile development|4 min read