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Complement UK based team with remote developers to achieve scale; remove technical debt by moving customers onto new product stack.
A year and a half of hard work of our dedicated team (initially 11 people worked on the project, at the moment 7 specialists continue to work on it).
Technologies: React, Redux, JS, Python, Perl, NodeJS

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The Challenge

15gifts is a large company that works with some of the world’s leading telecommunications and media brands throughout Europe and the US.

The project that our specialists took up is a recommendation service for e-commerce companies. It is a widget that is installed on the partner’s portal and which assists customers, through a series of targeted questions, choose the optimal phone, service plan or communication package.

Recommendation algorithms with artificial intelligence elements are used to improve the quality of recommendations.

What did UNL do

Our experienced developers embed an application into the partner’s website. The application advises each customer and helps to find the right products or services quickly based on their needs.

The idea is that you need to communicate with the client and make the right offer based on this data.

The biggest difficulty was that each client has a unique website, with its design, with a large number of products and technologies. So the product must be very flexible and fit into the site as part of it.

Timely-made decisions, as well as the used technologies (CSS, MySQL,  Leap2, Leap1, Axios, Radium –> emotion, Jest + Enzyme, and Eslint), allowed the application to give all the necessary characteristics.

The Results

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