3D jewelry preview

3D jewelry preview

Custom Magento module allowing to preview jewelry items in 3D format.

Dedicated team of 2 Magento developers

Technologies: Magento

Industry: E-commerce


One of the US-based top jewelry retailers looked to add a sophisticated enhancement to his catalog. He wanted to allow his customers view the chosen pieces of jewelry as clear and close as possible. His product catalog is truly impressive - wedding rings, earrings, to bracelets and pendants. Therefore, it was important for our client to accentuate particular products, especially the one which buyers can customize to their taste.

The retailer was looking for an experienced Magento team who would help him implement the needed functionality and integrate it into his catalog.

Our solution
  • Our solution

The module allows the client to specify jewelry items which further on the store visitors can preview in 3D format. Since the end functionality was not clearly defined, our team helped the client to elaborate the requirements on the go. We consulted and advised on the most efficient way on how to atchieve the functionality that the retailer wanted. 

Module features:

  • Select material and filling (gems)
  • Place carved inscription
  • Rotate the image 360 degree
  • Zoom in/out
  • Specify items for 3D viewing

The solution turned out to be even more feature-rich than the client expected. It allows customers previewing and ordering one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. And 3D feature provides the sense of real jewelry presence and ensures that customers stay satisfied with their purchase.

The client reported increased average browsing sessions and significant sales growth for the products available for 3D preview. His visitors have shown great enthusiasm for new functionality. The client has never had a complaint about the purchased items that are available for 3D view.

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