Complete IT department

Complete IT department

Client’s own fully staffed IT department including Ruby, Magento and QA specialists without operational costs.

2-year cooperation, dedicated team of 17 members, the client saves $500.000 annual on IT expenses

Technologies: Ruby, Magento, Ruby on Rails

Industry: Business


Corevist is a US-based company developing SAP software products for B2B and integrating them into their business. When we started our cooperation, their main product was at an early stage. Corevist had already assigned their first clients. However, they lacked strong Ruby expertise for growing the solution further.

Hiring all the needed specialists locally required a significant budget. Our client looked to establish a reliable long-term team that would help them reduce the IT costs and advance their business.

Our solution
  • Our solution

The client interviewed one developer for the Team Lead position. They gained confidence in his strong skills and assigned 2 more Ruby developers and a QA specialist. Once Corevist had seen that the team delivered the needed results and that there were no issues with communication and understanding each other, they started to expand the team.

Within a year the team has grown to 14 members. They improved the quality of their product and acquired more clients. The team expanded to more technologies including Magento and Frontend. Now they have 17 members in their team including Ruby, Magento, Frontend and QA specialists. The team is integrated into the daily development, upgrade and support of the client’s products.

Cooperation with UNL Solutions saves this client over $500.000 a year compare to staffing developers locally in the USA.


At UNL, Corevist was able to build a complete and fully-functional IT department of their own. This department gave them a 35%-increased client base and 60%-reduced costs for support.

What makes this cooperation particularly important for us is that our client has the full trust in our ability to select and hire the needed members. All of them share the client’s culture and attitude to work. With our help, Corevist got into the Inc 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in the USA.

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