A crowdsourcing platform for discussing documents online. People can upload documents and invite participants to collaborate.

5 dedicated Drupal developers, 2 Frontend developers, Project Management

Technologies: Drupal 7

Industry: Networking


Our client has come to us with an ambitious goal. He wanted to create a single platform that would help people collaborate effectively on ideas and together create documents. The platform was based on the concept of crowdsourcing. The client wanted to bring in all the strengths of a typical crowdsourcing platform and target it to a different group of people allowing each one choose their own way of how to use the platform.

The platform targets politicians, public persons, members of organizations, volunteer organizations and others who look to improve their document creating and decision-making processes.

Our solution
  • Our solution
  • Our solution
  • Our solution

The client had a properly described specification which he transferred to our team. We split the development into sprints. Within each one, the client had a defined scope of functionality needed to be implemented. Upon the delivery of the key features, we launched the platform and continued to extend it.


  • Create discussions from scratch or with a document upload
  • Create ideations
  • Automatic document formatting into headlines and paragraphs
  • Mark as public or private
  • Invite participants to join
  • Send mass invitations customized to each recipient’s name
  • Vote up/down and comment
  • Create additional info pages and customize them to brand
  • Filter and search for discussions/ideations
  • Contribute with text, images or files
  • Dashboard for campaign management
  • Export analytics about discussions and user activity

With each sprint, we pushed more functions to live portal which had already started to assign users. Now the solution has grown to a feature-rich platform that allows to effectively collaborate on documents and work out ideas.


The client got all the needed resources to develop a collaboration platform from scratch. Currently, the platform has over 18 000 members and has got lots of positive feedback from those who used it for developing documents.

It took several months for our team to launch the first version of the product and overall 9 months to implement all the major functionality. The team included 5 Drupal developers, 2 Frontend developers, and a Project Manager. Now the client is planning the new scope of functionality to update the platform. Our team continues working on the platform.

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