Creating of web application; automation of processes in energy trading.

3 years of cooperation, Dedicated Team of 2 developers

Technologies: Java, Angular, ChartJS

Industry: Energy


The UNL team was assigned several challenging tasks. There was the creation of a user-oriented web application as well as a compatible and secure plug'n'play solution. Moreover, the app should work for electronic calculation coordination.

Our Solution
  • fidectus screen

Our developers have created and successfully launched a web application that performs all the necessary functions. Thanks to used technologies and frameworks (Java, Angular 12, WebSockets, ChartJS, etc.) the specialists managed to meet all client’s requests. The goal of automating processes in energy trading has been achieved. As a result, the company has increased its productivity. At the moment, our employees are improving the system to increase customer loyalty.


Thus, thanks to ready-made solutions, Fidectus customers' productivity increases by an average of 45-65%. They achieve a significant reduction in risk capital. They can actively manage their liquidity and credit risk, as well as reduce their cash flows by 5 times. The team of developers continues the cooperation and improvement of the app operation.

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