Application core system which handles 3rd party applications and manages its data and data access.

6-month cooperation, the Dedicated Team of 4 developers and 1 BA

Technologies: Java, C#, JS, NodeJS, Angular

Industry: Business


UNL Solutions has been challenged to take part in technological development of FluxHub. It’s Prologika’s new platform, which main goal is to support the operation and collaboration between employees, partners, suppliers and customers for better performance in carrying out daily activities.

The customer can choose the appropriate application, which would easily adapt to the specific nature of the company and its duties field. Our team responsibilities have been to improve the stability of the existing FluxHub library, build UI and transform an old ActionScript framework into CSS flex-box layout.

Our Solution
  • FH site
  • FH func 1
  • FH func 2
  • FH func 3

As the platform exists in both web and mobile parts, the basis has been written in the prototype-based and multi-paradigm JavaScript language. In addition to JS the developers have used Angular 6, a framework that aims to simplify both the development and the testing of applications by providing it for client-side MVC and MVVM architectures.  

With the goal of unifying web application development around a single programming language, the team has used NodeJS, so both server side and client side scripts are written in JavaScript. As pfor the UI libraries, the developers have used Angular Material due to its rich collection of directives, functionality and responsive layout that uses a flex grid. With the help of Flex and C# our team has been reading already existing code and transforming it into JS language.


Despite the platform being still under development, the team performs its duties on a high level and within the original time frame. Among the most significant features of the platform there are: efficiency, modernity, high degree of competitiveness, intelligent design.

The developers continue working with the client to support smooth workflow of the application and implement new features.


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