Internal monitoring service

Internal monitoring service

Dedicated Python developer, match to client's requirements, quick team extension, long-term assignment.

Technologies: Python

Industry: Business


A UK-based IT company was working on an internal computer monitoring system. The platform was envisioned as a tool that would help employees and the management check the activity on specific computers during a workday.

The client looked to expand their development team with more Python skills. As the core team included experienced developers and the development was already in the active stage, it was important for the client to find someone strong who could quickly take up the project.

Our solution
  • Python development for business
  • Python development for business
  • Python development for business

Our team provided a dedicated developer who had 3 years of experience in Python development. The developer worked under client’s direct management taking a range of responsibilities and implementing different components of the solution.

The solution is integrated with a wide range of built-in tools and services. It features the live view of remote desktop, app and services usage statistics and even keystrokes logging and sensitive data security. With the solution, the company can track remote developer’s activity and make sure that the productivity is up to the level. The service deals with large volumes of data and ensures that everything is under your control.


The client got a skilled developer who quickly joined the development process. The developer’s strong communication skills allowed him to become a true member of the team. He adopted the tools and adjusted his working hours to fit in the team's working schedule. Within 2 months he was able to fully blend into the client's team and show the same level of productivity as any other member. 

The cooperation is ongoing.

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