Web platform aimed to speed up the work of HR department and improve selecting and processing of candidates.

Modules: Features, Ctools, Views, Views Bulk Operations, Panels, Paragraphs, ECK, Entity API, SMTP

Technologies: PHP7, MySQL, JS, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap3

3 dedicated Drupal developers, 1 Frontend developer, Project Management

Technologies: Drupal 7

Industry: Business


The client is UK's leading automotive sales, service, parts and contact centre training experts. The company staffs lots of sales managers in different cities and constantly looking for more.

The client needed a unified system that would facilitate and improve the process of searching, processing and hiring new sales managers.

Our solution
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Candidates apply via the site CAREER SELLING CARS filling in the application form. The data gets to the CRM system where a recruiter or manager can process it further. HR manager can set a recruitment day, select and invite candidates for an interview, rate, add notes, set statuses and track all the info in a single CRM.

We developed CRM and frontend parts, created entities for a candidate, HR manager, recruiter, and admin. The system features extended candidate search functionality. You can filter candidates by category, requirements, status, etc.

But what really makes it helpful is the ability to process candidates automatically. Recruiters can use email templates and send group notifications e.g. to send an invitation to a recruitment day to all who passed or notify with a refuse denied candidates.


  • Candidate search and selection
  • Filter criteria
  • Status tracking
  • Profile creation
  • Entities for a recruitment day, candidate, recruiter, manager
  • Notification personal /group (via email)
  • View statistics
  • Invite the participants

We delivered the core functionality on time and improved the solution adding small enhancements after launch per client’s request. The client scaled down the team to one developer who continues to support the solution. However, the UI of the system is simple and easy to understand for everybody, our team has also provided training to make sure the client’s staff can use it straight away.

The client got a convenient platform for attracting and processing candidates quickly. The entire HR department adopted the tool and uses it without problems. With this, the company managed to increase productivity and reduce the time and efforts they had to spend on candidates processing.

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