A mobile application for doctors and patients.

1 developer that has been working since July 2020

Technologies: Angular, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Typescript

Industry: Healthcare


Mednote platform is designed to organize the process of remote communication between a doctor and a patient. It consists of a mobile application for the patient and a web application for the doctor. The project has wide functionality and great opportunities for its users, for example, patients can tack their health indicators, write about symptoms, book time for a visit to the doctor, and much more. The doctor, in turn, can manage all patient data, process requests, and answer questions from patients, as well as make video calls with them.

Our Solution
  • mednote screen

As our specialist says, the project included a lot of challenging tasks. The competent separation of business logic and components, as well as the distribution of functionality across modules, make it easy to navigate the code and do not create unnecessary load. 

After analyzing typical user scenarios, they built the modules in such a way as to cut the amount of downloaded data and ensure a quick start of the application. Developers also faced such features as video calls, integration with Google fit with access to sensitive data that they managed to install successfully. Moreover, they had the opportunity to work with Ionic, Angular, Firebase, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Mjml, Sentry, Typescript, Websockets, Angular animations, SVG animation (SMIL), and others.


The application was successfully launched and is working for its target audience, mainly residents of Italy. Now, during the pandemic, we know more than ever that medicine and its development have a direct impact on human lives. We are very glad that we have become involved in creating an application that will simplify the lives of many people. In the age of technology, online solutions prevail, and medicine is no exception. Thanks to this project, the patient and the doctor can stay in touch 24/7 and solve issues in one click. Our specialist improves the processes and establishes the specifics of the project.

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