Development of a mobile application that is mainly used by the patient; Web application for medical staff; API for interacting with the device.

2 developers with 18-month cooperation

Technologies: Angular, NodeJS, ExpressJS, IoT, ChartJS

Industry: Medicine, Healthcare


Our developers participated in the development of a mobile application, website, and web service (API) for user interaction with the device "MyMemo". The device itself is designed to dispense tablets according to a schedule that works autonomously. It is possible to set up a schedule, view the history of taking pills, and statistics.

The target audience of the project is mainly elderly people, nursing homes, or hospitals. The device will stay next to the patient, give out the necessary pills and remind them that they need to be taken. Since this device is connected with medicine and care about the elderly, our team took up this project with pleasure, since it includes not only technical components but also a real contribution to the future of medicine.

Our Solution
  • mymemo screen 1
  • mymemo screen 2

As the developers say, there were some challenging and exciting tasks, e.g. interaction with the MyMemo device from the cloud. The function that runs in the cloud has limited resources and the main execution time. Interaction with the device occurs using a sequence of commands that can take a long time. Thus, the developers made a solution to split the sequence into separate commands, storing the intermediate result in the database. The specialists used their extensive knowledge in programming working with Ionic, Cordova, Angular, Firebase, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Sentry, Typescript, IoT (mqtt), ChartJS, highcharts, pdfmake. 

All cloud functions can be performed in parallel and many instances. They note that this is a key action that influences writing code.


Thanks to the expertise and well-coordinated work of the team, the client got the desired result. Users, mostly patients, use the application, which simplifies the process of interaction with medical staff. Our specialists managed to develop a mobile application, they pay attention to performance, optimization, and different screen sizes. They also developed a web interface for doctors. Now specialists stay in touch with the client, make changes at the request of the customer, as some functionality is still changing.

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