Payment processing app

Payment processing app

A team of 2 dedicated Java developers to deliver the payment processing application for the bank.

2 dedicated developers, 7-month cooperation, 1 dedicated developer for further application support

Technologies: Java, J2EE

Industry: Banking


The client, a Ukrainian bank that services more than 2.6 million customers nationwide, faced an issue with their payment processing software.

The main bottleneck was the payment converting functionality. To convert payment from DTIZV to MT101 a new Parser Formatter was needed. It took too much time to implement converters from one format to another and resulted in a slow workflow. The client looked to improve the overall quality of software and speed up his payment processes.

Our solution
  • Our solution
  • Our solution
  • Our solution

Our company provided a team of 2 dedicated developers to assist the client with the application.

We developed an all-in- one module for quick payment processing. The module allowed to quickly convert payments. The number of initial bugs was reduced to zero.

Our scope of work included:

  • Development of payments models (MT101, IZV, DTIZV)
  • Parsing and transforming the input models into needed output format using ANTLR and custom framework
  • Implementation the functionality of payment monitoring and other using Struts 1, Wicket, JS, Oracle as DB
  • Development of standalone platform for graphics creation of payments using eclipse RCP
  • Testing of formatters and parsers using custom framework based on JUnit

We significantly reduced the overall development time and efforts required for the support of the software.


The client stayed satisfied with the quality of the delivered software and successfully implemented it into his business. The improved application allowed the client to reduce his initial support team of 12 specialists to one developer within 4 months only.

Our developer stayed with a client to support the application.

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