Performance manager

 Performance manager

Develop and launch cross-platform app for requesting municipality services.

3-month cooperation, 1 Xamarin developer fully dedicated to the client

Technologies: Xamarin

Industry: Utilities


UK-based enterprise resource planning company was working on a large-scale solution aimed to provide municipality services. Their in-house team was perfectly covering the web part of the project. The client faced a challenge of finding quickly development resources able to deliver the mobile app.

Having consulted our Xamarin developer about the most efficient way to develop the needed functionality, our team was assigned to work on the app.

Our solution
  • Our solution
  • Our solution

The app allows citizens to request waste collection, cleaning, landscaping, and street swapping service on the go. Once a socially conscious citizen notices a pile of waste or a pothole on his way to work, he can promptly report the problem to the municipality service. Utility providers receive a notification and get going to fix it. Once done, they report to manager sending back a confirmation photo or comment.


  • For user: report an issue, attach photo, post comment, and provide feedback.
  • For service provider: monitor requests, be notified about new requests, and view requests on maps, report confirmation.
  • For manager: process requests, assign tasks, conform competition, reply to users.

The client gave priority to well-working functionality and implementing the app cross-platform rather than complex UI. For that reason, Xamarin allowed delivering the required solution with a significant cost and time saving.

And our skilled developer made the 3-month cooperation easy and enjoyable.

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