Social network for politicians

Social network for politicians

Communication platform about politics. People can create profiles, interact with each other, exchange messages and comments, take part in discussions, and view voting data.

2 dedicated Drupal developers, 1 QA specialist, 7 months

Technologies: Drupal 7

Industry: Networking


A typical case - an outsourcing team starts the project but at some point, it reaches a deadlock. Writing more code brings more incompatibility errors. Adding more functionality leads the system to a failure.

That was the case of our client who came to us with a 60% readymade website. The website was a communication platform for politicians. People would communicate online with each other, exchange views, and discuss hot topics.

The client saw that his outsourcing team wasn't able to develop the platform further. The deadlines were about to be missed. Numerous bugs appeared that make it impossible to launch the site. Moreover, it was hard to communicate with the team as they didn't provide timely feedback. For that reasons, the client decided to ask for consultancy and find an experienced team who would help him to roll out the site at its best.

Our solution
  • Our solution
  • Our solution
  • Our solution

Our Drupal team analyzed the existing code line by line and returned a verdict – critical parts are to be re-coded, vulnerabilities eliminated, and bugs fixed.

We rewrote a great deal of the existing code. We also implemented a range of features that the client assigned to us on the go:

  • Push notifications of new messages
  • Different types of messages are allowed
  • Extracting data on voting results from the state website and displaying it on a network
  • On-line message notifications with no need to reload the page
  • Data integration with automatic synchronization
  • Mobile optimization

Sprint by sprint we led the solution to its final shape. Since the website was expected to handle high loads, our team endeavoured best efforts to reduce database querying and load time to improve the website performance.


The client got a fully functional and smoothly running website 100%-ready for release. All performance parameters are graded A-B on PageSpeed and Yslow. It ensures that the website meets the highest quality standards. To make it all happen, we rewrote 70% of the initial code.

Since our developers were working on a dedicated basis, the client was personally tracking the progress feeling safe that the workflow followed the plan. The cooperation took 7 months. It involved a team of 2 Drupal developers and a QA specialist. Now the client works with 1 developer on a dedicated basis who supports the website.

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