Techno Museum


Range of applications in the sphere of AR that allows a museum visitor to interact with TV, leap motion, cameras and several other devices by means of modern software technologies.

7-month cooperation, the Dedicated Team of 4 developers

Technologies: Python, Java, JS, Leap Motion, IoT

Industry: Social, Utilities


Being passionate about Augmented Reality in all its forms UNL Solutions assumed the role of a software provider within the project. The main customer’s requirements were to create several web and mobile applications for different parts of the museum, which would be implemented in the whole museum system. According to the request, the parts must be independent of each other and perform different functions such as simulating excavation, putting parts of an artifact together and showing Minsk archeological sites on the map. Our team responsibilities on the project were to implement customer’s ideas through modern computer technologies and then support the platform functioning.

Our Solution
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All parts of the platform are based on IoT concept which allows devices to connect, interact and exchange data. RFID uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to the parts of artifacts. Leap Motion software has been implemented for hand tracking process and VR support. The above-mentioned technologies are embedded into Raspberry Pi 3 hardware. As far as the parts of the platform are independent of each other and perform separate functions, our team of developers has used two fundamentally different languages for back-end - Python and Java.

However, for the front-end development, we have chosen JavaScript with its main advantages in the face of language dynamism and multi-paradigmatic approach. AngularJS framework implements the MVC pattern to separate presentation, data, and logic components. Another framework that has been used in the development is Spring Boot. To build User Interface, React has been chosen as a perfect and fast tool for developing high-performance presentation layer. With the help of it, our developers have managed to implement production-ready features such as metrics and externalized configuration. In addition to all these technologies TensorFlow open-source library, whose flexible architecture allows for the easy deployment of computation across a variety of platforms, has been embedded in the platform.


By now the development process has been finished and our team switched to the stage of platform supporting. In the process of development, we have implemented all the required features and proved the stability of its functioning. Several foreign investors have already been interested in further development of Techno Museum and ready to cover expenditure partially. The success of the product is guaranteed by the high level of maintainability, innovativeness and the elaborate code.

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