Unified Web portal for clinics

Unified Web portal for clinics

Full cycle software development and ongoing support, 7-months cooperation, 3 dedicated Python developers and Project Management.


Technologies: Python

Industry: Healthcare


A US-based hospital chain was looking to update its infrastructure and connect all data about different hospitals in one place. They needed an up-to-date web application that would optimize their workflow basing on big data statistics.

The client didn’t have the needed resources not only to implement the solutions but identify the best roadmap. They consulted about different technology options and were trying to find the one that would allow them to quickly and painlessly perform the modernization of their IT infrastructure.

Our solution
  • Python development for healthcare
  • Python development for healthcare
  • Python development for healthcare

Our team has presented the plan for fulfilling the needed goals. It was decided to go with Python as the technology allowed to quickly implement the prototype. After it was tested on a single clinic and showed successful results, the client decided to expand the solution further and unite all the hospitals into a single web portal.

Each aspect of patient-doctor activity was tracked and recordered. Based on that data the management would have a clear vision of the aspects that can be improved to achieve the overall efficiency.


Due to the use of Django and Python, the client could quickly deploy the MVP and test its performance in the real hospital environment. The technology was chosen with the perspective of future scalability. Within several months, the client united all his hospitals under one web platform.

The data was processed and analyzed automatically with the regular statistics reporting. This gave the client a clear vision on how to enhance each aspect of the hospital work including doctors’ activity, scheduling, patient dismissal and other.

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