Wiley e-learning system

Wiley e-learning system

A team of 2 dedicated Java developers, a QA specialist and Business analyst to upgrade the client’s educational application.

2 Dedicated developers, QA specialist, Business analyst

Technologies: Java, J2EE

Industry: Education


Wiley is a global publishing company that apart from academic publishing specializes in educational solutions for a variety of disciplines. One of their solutions urgently needed an upgrade. Its core functionality was written in Flash and couldn’t perform properly.

The client looked to enhance the solution and extend its functionality. He wanted his customers to enjoy a high-quality product and get positive feedback from them. For that reason, Wiley turned to UNL Solutions with the request for an experienced team who would help them improve their product.

Our solution
  • Our solution
  • Our solution
  • Our solution

We provided a team of 2 experienced Java developers and a QA specialist to deliver the needed application.

The scope of work included:

  • Initiated and applied TDD (Test Driven Development) to the team
  • Implementing sub-tasks using main aspects of OOP (Object Oriented Programming), OOD (Object-Oriented Design)
  • Using GWT for front-end development. HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, Prototype), Ajax using web services
  • Transforming Flash into SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) using SVG lib, canvas
  • Implementing of XML rendering via XSL and macros templates
  • Optimizing of request dispatching to back the system security
  • Implemented “Type-ahead” feature
  • Using Lucene index system for content indexing

Above development, we also provided a business analyst who investigated the market and consulted the client on the most money-wise functionality.


The team who worked on this project had a tough deadline. We applied extreme programming methodology to meet the deadline, and it worked well.

We kept the development course simple through systematic and regular testing and design improvements delivering frequent "releases" in short development cycles. The client could quickly see the progress and change requirements without lagging the process. The solution was rolled out on time and currently is actively used by over 600.000 customers.

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