Angular JS


Application core system which handles 3rd party applications and manages its data and data access.
6-month cooperation, the Dedicated Team of 4 developers and 1 BA.
Technologies: Java, C#, JS, NodeJS, Angular
Industry: Business

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Creating of web application; automation of processes in energy trading.
3 years of cooperation, Dedicated Team of 2 developers
Technologies: Java, Angular, ChartJS
Industry: Energy

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Development of a mobile application with the help of which diagnostics and initial configuration of the security system device will be performed.
2 Dedicated developers working more than 4 months, the work is going on.
Technologies: Ionic, Angular, Typescript, Sentry
Industry: Security

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Development of a mobile application that is mainly used by the patient; Web application for medical staff; API for interacting with the device.
2 developers with 18-month cooperation.
Technologies: Angular, NodeJS, ExpressJS, IoT, ChartJS
Industry: Medicine, Healthcare

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