A multifunctional platform developed for usage in the sphere of British Catering for creating mechanisms of order confirmation and processing online.

12-month cooperation, continuous support

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, RSpec

Industry: Utilities


The challenge of the client was to create a system that would allow business owners to create their own mobile applications or integrate with the existing ones by means of API requests, connect to the terminal for printing checks confirming payment, collect the statistics, analyze users’ activity and their location in order to optimize delivering process.

Our solution
  • extra
  • trust

Thanks to the use of the secure HTTPS data transfer protocol and technologies for protection against CSRF, SQL / JS, and other injections, the Appaway platform is resistant to high loads and has a reliable security system. For the most accurate geolocation, a GPS tracking system is used. PostgreSQL is selected for database management, featuring high-performance, reliable transaction and replication mechanisms. The unique developments and system elements are used for implementing all the necessary functionality. The innovation of the system is that, based on the collected data, the platform can predict the popularity of certain positions at different times of the day and invite users to make a relevant purchase. For implementing such functionality the developers have used innovative data processing technologies and scientific developments in the field of machine learning.

Competitive advantages of the product are:

  • manufacturability and versatility
  • protection from external and internal threats
  • favorable interaction conditions offered to customers
  • full cycle sales process

The versatility of the system allows to reduce the cost of maintenance, technical and professional support, reduces the risk of data, unaccounted or unprocessed orders loss. The platform is used by more than 30 large international catering chains and food delivery services in the UK and other EU countries and over 1 million of their customers.

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