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A CRM web platform designed to collect information, operate with it and make reports.

10-month cooperation, further collaboration

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, RSpec

Industry: Business


The client’s task for UNL Solutions was to make a web-based platform which would be accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.  Organization’s owners should have been able to freely ask to register their organization and have a back office panel where they can manage their organizations. There also should have been a similar backoffice panel for admins where they can manage owners, public contents and global platform configurations.

Our solution
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In the process of building, our developers have created several user interfaces with special functionalities for each of them: public, organization, administrator. The platform admin can manage all public contents (pages, CMS) and system configurations all users, approve or reject the registration of new organizations / authorities, deny access to the system to some users and see for every organization its balance. While an organization owner can manage all organization data (activities, objectives, users, expenses) and visualize some useful statistic graphs or PDFs.

 Main features of the platform are:

  • reliable transaction
  • high-performance
  • reliable replication mechanisms
  • backoffice panels’ rich functionality

The platform has been developed on time and successfully launched.UNL Solution and Devinterface have continued their collaboration on a range of other projects.

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