Dedicated Software Development Team

Plan, develop, scale, and achieve the possible with us.
We build teams that build your business.

At our offshore development center, you can directly hire dedicated PHP developers or dedicated Magento developers or any other IT specialist.
You get skilled programmers without recruitment hassles. Pick the skills you need and start working. Manage the team and see results delivered in no time.
It's easy to plan your IT strategy when you are on top of everything.

Why choose us
  • Guaranteed data safety

  • Diverse technology

  • No operating costs

  • Direct communication

  • Experienced professionals

  • Scalable team size and structure

  • 3-week trial period

  • Your full control

  • Quick team launch

  • Up to 60% budget saving

How we work

We've established 40+ dedicated teams for our clients that deliver a wide range of enterprise application, web, and mobile solutions. Getting your team working in as little as 3-6 weeks takes 5 simple steps.

  • Analyze

    Identify the needed skill set and level, plan team size and structure

  • Choose

    Pick CVs of those who can help you achieve your goals

  • Interview

    Assess the best as you want – Skype, face-to-face, online coding

  • Launch

    Set up the environment and tools, start working on your project

  • Scale

    Expand the team to the needed size, adapt and share knowledge

Having been in this business for a while, we know what makes dedicated teams successful
  • Effective communication

    Video conferencing, time tracking, daily meetings, - we make the process transparent.

  • Personal commitment

    We staff professionals who truly enjoy their job. Since only then you can deliver excellent results.

  • Technical expertise

    MSc degree in computer science, strong skill set and relevant experience - all are must-haves of our IT staff.

Clients and testimonials
  • Cooperation with UNL was the best business decision of the last 6 years. We’ve been working with them for 2 years involving them into regular development, upgrade and support of our products.

    Sam B.

    CEO , Corevist

  • The developer provided by UNL Solutions is getting on well, which is a very good sign. He's also chasing us for more work to do, which is great, and shows that he is on the ball and working well.

    Matthew J.

    Director, Other Media LTD

  • We are currently with 2 to 4 developers. The primary engineer, coder, or developer is without doubt - a skilled individual and forthright. We have effectively given this person a Team Leader position and allowed him to bring on more developers.

    Peter D.

    Director, The Politician LTD

  • Thanks a lot for your help. Just to let you know it is going well with the developers you have provided. We need many more in future.

    Marie C.


  • We’d like to recommend UNL Solutions as a competent and reliable technology partner whose customer service is up to par. Both our customers and our internal team appreciate UNL’s team quick reaction and availability.

    Luigi B.

    CEO, Centurical

  • The developer we hired has performed well and we expect that to continue as he learns more about the code base. His skills are in line with what was presented by UNL. I recommend them to other companies as a reliable technology vendor.

    Gardar T.

    Director, Kvikna

Get your dedicated team for all your challenges

Experienced developers, 100% output, and a good return on your investments are only a couple of benefits you get with our dedicated software development team. But above all, we offer long-lasting business relations built on trust and mutual value.


Need a rare skill or narrow expertise? We provide IT staff augmentation service to find a talent you need.