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Angular is a popular framework that is used mainly for building web applications. Thanks to its excellent performance, security and easy maintenance, Angular software boasts popularity among businesses working in a wide range of spheres.

Given the simplified coding, an Angular developer doesn’t need much time to create an app which is an additional benefit of this framework.
Angular Javascript is one of the most widely-known versions of it. Years of practical experience and deep theoretical knowledge allow our specialists to build an Angular app that will fully correspond to your requirements and go significantly beyond your expectations.
If you are looking for an Angular development company in London or are interested in other technologies and their capacities, we will be always happy to provide you with all the necessary information. Just contact us to get the answers to the questions: what is Angular, what is Angular Javascript and when is Angular programming applied?

We guarantee flexible models of cooperation, fair rates and absolutely reliable solutions.

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AngularJS Development Services

  • AngularJS App Upgrade and Maintenance

    We offer a full cycle of development services including further maintenance, support and upgrade to ensure performance enhancement of your Angular web app.

  • PHP Development in AngularJS

    PHP object oriented programming language helps our developers to save time needed for coding and ensure smooth functioning of apps.

  • Application Migration Services

    If you have a non-AngularJS app or an app written on an obsolete version of the framework, we can conduct a seamless migration.

  • AngularJS Web Application Development

    Our developers build web apps with an attractive interface and excellent performance that perfectly function on desktops and mobile devices as well.

  • AngularJS Consulting

    Our seasoned professionals will help you to deal with performance issues, solve the Angular vs AngularJS dilemma and find the best approaches to enhancing the functionality of your apps.

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Advantages of Using AngularJS Web Development Solutions

Being a popular open-source JavaScript framework, AngularJS allows building excellent single-page applications and many other solutions without spending too much time. Today, we can observe high demand for AngularJS development services.

  • High level
    of security

    With this framework, optimized security of your apps is guaranteed.

  • Simplified

    Less coding is required which helps to reduce time needed for the development.

  • Enhanced server

    As caching and other processes are supported, the load on the server is decreased.

  • Easy support
    and maintenance

    Dynamic apps are absolutely easy to support and introduce upgrades.

  • Fast

    The testing process is facilitated and doesn’t require too much time and effort.


  • How to run an AngularJS project?

    You can run such a project via a web server, such as, for example, Apache, IIS, NodeJS.

  • What can you do with AngularJS?

    AngularJS development framework is quite often used for building dynamic web apps. But this framework also can be a good option when you want to create mobile apps, Chrome extensions, and CSS3 Animations.

  • What is AngularJS used for?

    Though AngularJS can be used for different solutions, it is the most popular choice for simplified and fast front-end development of single-page web applications.

  • Why to use AngularJS?

    This framework has a wide range of benefits. The key of them that make developers like it is the fact that it requires less coding than many others and ensures high performance of AngularJS web development applications.

AngularJS development process

  1. 1

    To start our cooperation with you, we need to get the key information about your project. Within a few hours, our talented AngularJS developers will analyze the requirements and contact you.

  2. 2

    Attentive analysis of all the received data will help us to find the most appropriate approach to your project and we will offer you a feasible model for our collaboration that will be convenient for you.

  3. 3

    When the model for our work will be approved and your dedicated team will be created, skilled developers in AngularJS will compose a detailed project realization plan with all the timeframes and deadlines.

Hire your dedicated AngularJS team

If you want to launch a high-quality dynamic web application but your company doesn’t have specialists who can fulfill

such a task, a bespoke AngularJS development company is exactly what you need. UNL Solutions can create a dedicated

AngularJS team given all your business needs and requirements. This approach to the extension of your team will help you

to reach your goals without dealing with administrative issues as well as expenses and costs related to the hiring