Java Web Development

For top-notch enterprise and web applications

Java-based solutions are built with scalability and portability in mind. It is now a top choice for all businesses that need foolproof and stable solution performance. More than 95% of enterprise solutions run on Java. TCS, Accenture, Google, WIPRO, and many other loud names use applications built on Java to power their business.

At UNL Solutions we have an experienced team of Java developers who can help you to assess all Java pros and cons for your particular business. Set your team and get Java web development that fully addresses your needs.

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Why choose us
  • UK/US-based project management

  • Strong recruitment

  • Java department with 20+ professionals

  • Direct communication

  • 3-week trial period

  • Agile methodology

  • Flexible models

  • Mature processes

Java competence
  • LESS
  • SASS
  • React
  • jQuery UI
  • Angular
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • CoffeeScript
  • ECMAScript 6
  • Backbone.js
  • TypeScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Kendo UI
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
Data management
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • CouchDB
  • Cassandra
  • PostgreSQL
  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon RDS
  • Hazelcast
  • MongoDB
  • Lucene
  • Sphinx
  • Redis
  • Solr
  • Play
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • JasperReports
  • Dropwizard
  • iBATIS
  • Grails
  • JSF

Hire your dedicated Java team

Do you need a safe and stable application powered with Java? Are you looking to hire full stack Java developers and extend your team? Get in touch with us! We know how to apply technology for your business growth.


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