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UNL Solutions is a top Java development company UK that covers support of any kind and proposes its own Java software solutions to the market.

Java is a popular and functional programming language that might be used in a project of different length, size and complexity. It performs good both in Time-and-Material and Fixed Price agreements without damaging the final product’s quality.
Java software solution is widely used in E-commerce, FinTech, Education and Banking sectors for making apps, websites and platforms.

Especially often this programming language is used in Java web development for the purpose of coding frontend, backend and CMS for websites.

To code applications for desktop and mobile devices with the same purpose through
Java app development is the other way of using Java programming software.

No matter which one your business demands, UNL Solutions is a top Java development company UK that covers support of any kind and proposes its own Java software solutions to the market

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Java Development Services

  • Java web development

    Create your java web project for E-commerce, FinTech, Banking sector and Education to boost your business and improve the quality of services you provide.


    We guarantee stability and high quality level of Java software with constant availability of technical assistance at all stages.


    Make use of J2EE architecture and industry-accepted best practices to store and retrieve information in a database.

  • Java software development

    With the help of Dedicated Java developers, design self-operating solutions which are able to facilitate tasks performance in the sphere of your business.


    Migrate from non-Java to Java platform with the aim to modernize and boost the potential of the project's further growth.


    Conduct enterprise-oriented development on Java language which enhancements company’s competitiveness in its fields of action.

  • IoT based on Java

    Using Java programming language connect the real world objects to the remote devices by means of Internet of Things extension.

  • ML based on Java

    Implement Machine Learning mechanisms in your business to analyze the market deeper and come up with a brand new competitive solution.

  • Cloud development based on Java

    Launch cloud solutions written in java technologies in order to keep the data safe on the off-site servers.

Why choose UNL as a Java App
Development Company in UK

  • UK/US-based project management

  • Strong recruitment

  • Java department with 20+ professionals

  • Direct communication

  • 3-week trial period

  • Agile methodology

  • Flexible models

  • Mature processes

Java competence


    • JavaScript

    • ExtJS

    • AngularJS

    • HTML5

    • CSS3

    • LESS

    • SASS

    • React

    • jQuery UI

    • Ionic

    • JavaScript

    • ExtJS

    • AngularJS

    • CoffeeScript

    • ECMAScript 6

    • Backbone.js

    • TypeScript

    • Bootstrap

    • Kendo UI


    • Oracle

    • MySQL

    • MariaDB

    • MS SQL

    • SQLite

    • HBase

    • CouchDB

    • Cassandra

    • PostgreSQL

    • Amazon ElastiCache

    • Amazon DynamoDB

    • Amazon RDS

    • H2

    • MongoDB

    • Lucene

    • Sphinx

    • Redis

    • Solr


    • Spring Frameworks

    • Hibernate

    • JavaFX

    • EhCache

    • Web3j

    • ANTLR

    • Netty

    • Hadoop

    • Selenium

    • TensorFlow

    • Drools

    • Netbeans Platform

    • MyBatis

    • GraphQL

    • JasperReports

    • Dropwizard

    • Grails

    • JSP


    • AWS

    • Azure

    • Cloud Foundry

    • Google Cloud

    • OpenStack

    • Docker


    • Jenkins/Hudson

    • Concourse

    • TeamCity

    • VSTS

    • Git

    • SVN

    • GitLab

    • Maven

    • Gradle

    • Node-RED


    • LDAP

    • Active Directory

    • ADFS

    • Azure Active Directory

    • Identity Providers

    • Symmetric-key algorithms

    • Asymmetric-key algorithms

    • Hashing

    • Secret sharing algorithms

    • Security Management

    • GDPR

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Java web development process

  1. 1

    Get in touch with us and provide project’s fundamental requirements. During several hours our specialists analyze your request and give the feedback.

  2. 2

    Based on the requirements, our specialists suggest the cooperation model, that fits this very project the most.

  3. 3

    In accordance with the cooperation model, the project is delegated to an experienced Java development team, which performs detailed examination and provides project plan with written predicted deadlines.

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