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What is Node JS? 

Did you know that Linkedin, Uber, Netflix are Node JS-based apps? Have you heard of the PayPal payment system, where use of Node JS is significant? These are very bright examples, right? A lot of IT companies have added this tech to the service stack because this framework has a fundamental influence in the Node.js web development field.

Node JS and Javascript are interconnected as Node is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment that runs on the V8 engine and executes JavaScript code outside a web browser. Node JS is widely used for complex apps, exchanging data between the server and the user directly, which forces the process of development significantly. With this framework, devs can unify creation of the app, thus removing the necessity of different languages, besides, they can apply the code of another language.

As you see, Node JS development solutions are very common and relevant, they are popular among numerous companies, especially when we speak about Node JS web applications. 

So, if you’re looking for a Node JS Developer in London, UNL Solutions is pleased to provide you with our experienced qualified specialists who have already worked on various Node JS projects. We’re ready to discuss our cooperation and our developers are happy to help you create Node JS project that will benefit your company.

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Node JS Development Services

  • Node JS Api Development
    And Integration

    Custom API development services help businesses facilitate cooperation and data sharing of their custom apps with each other or with third-party apps.

  • Node JS Product Support
    And Maintenance

    Developers who can run Node JS are able to deliver high-quality support.

  • Node JS Cms Development

    Node JS features allow to speed up development time without loss of quality.

  • Node JS Web App Development

    Build NodeJS app to boost your business and improve the quality of services you provide.

  • Node JS Consulting

    We provide the necessary expertise using Node JS framework.

  • Bespoke Node JS Solutions

    Our skilled developers in Node JS will be happy to implement any of your ideas.

  • Node JS Security

    When you start Node JS project, you can protect all your data.

  • Node JS architecture

    The purpose of the software architecture is to reduce human labor costs for the creation and maintenance of the system.

  • Node JS Version Migration

    With help of various version managers it’s easy to switch between Node versions during development that speeds up the whole working process.

Why choose UNL as a Node JS
Development Company

  • UK/US-based project management

  • Strong recruitment

  • Node JS department with 20+ professionals

  • Direct communication

  • 3-week trial period

  • Agile methodology

  • Flexible models

  • Mature processes

Benefits of Node JS Development Solutions

Node JS is a framework that has its own features and a number of advantages. And it is very important that you hire offshore Node.js developers who understand how to maximize these benefits. The experience and knowledge of our specialists will help you use the framework in a profitable way.

  • Fast-processing model

    V8 engine is used to compile functions written in JavaScript into machine code, and it does the job at an impressive speed.

  • Non-blocking Input/Output

    It made Node programming capable of processing requests without any delays. In the context of backend, synchronous processing assumes that code is executed in a sequence.

  • Strong corporate support

    The list of organizations using Node.js in production is constantly growing. It currently includes almost three hundred well-known companies, such as PayPal, Medium, Trello, Uber, and Zendesk.

  • Efficient Queueing of Requests

    A critical benefit of using Node.js is its ability to handle multiple requests at once.

  • Real-time Apps

    It maintains a steady connection between the user and the server, and that means there’s no lag between what a user asks for, and the server processing the request.

  • Cross-platform development

    Do you need to have a mobile app that also links to a desktop app? Node has you covered here, too.


  • How to run Node JS project?

    Node JS backend and frontend solutions are created and run by the developers who have rich experience in this field. So, you don’t need to worry, for example, about Node JS server, as our professionals will be ready to do everything for you.

  • What can you do with Node JS?

    You may have a look at Node JS examples mentioned above, here you can see our projects completed by talented developers. Moreover, there are a lot of Node JS open source projects or Node JS example websites across the Internet.

  • What is Node JS used for?

    The most popular ways of Node JS' approach usage are tools development, creation of back-end web applications, command line tools and desktop applications. Actually, it can be effectively used in different ways and spheres.

  • Why use Node JS?

    Node JS is the world's largest repository of code written in one language. This allows us to say that now you can find various Node JS packages designed to solve almost any task. It is a very universal and widespread framework, so its advantages are obvious.

  • Node JS vs Java. What’s better?

    If you look for Node JS alternatives, you can come across debates about Java. We surely can claim that everything depends on your project and requests. E.g. Node.js is lightweight due to an architecture built on event handling. It is built to work as a web server and does a very good job of servicing lightweight tasks. Moreover, Node JS is growing and developing rapidly.

Node JS development process

  1. 1

    Get in touch with us and provide the project's fundamental requirements. During several hours our specialists analyze your request and give the feedback.

  2. 2

    Based on the requirements, our specialists suggest the cooperation model that fits this very project the most.

  3. 3

    In accordance with the cooperation model, the project is delegated to an experienced Node JS development team, which performs detailed examination and provides a project plan with written predicted deadlines.

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