7 Reasons to Use a Dedicated Development Team

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is dedicated to meeting the project requirements of their client. Not only do they complete the development of the product itself, but they also address other aspects of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), including QA testing, project management, and user experience (UX) design, depending on the specific product they’re creating.

This is one of the major outsourcing models in the marketplace. In this case, the dedicated team works independently until the project’s completion. However, the client can still provide oversight and receive frequent communication on the project’s status from their outsourcing partner. This happens without having to be closely involved in the SDLC, allowing the client to focus on other business concerns.

In order for the model to be successful, the client will clearly define their goals and objectives, and the development partner will provide the team and resources, explaining the entire process to the client. They will also sign a contract outlining service-level agreements and other expectations, including methods and frequency of communication. These partnerships are typically long-term and flexible.

7 Reasons to Work with a Dedicated Development Team

A Dedicated Development Team can benefit your company in numerous ways.

They Are Experts

If you lack the specialization or skills in-house, a dedicated development team is a helpful alternative. These providers employ talented professionals to work on every facet of your project. 

You’re also not limited to working with providers in your region. When you outsource the work to a dedicated development team, you can use onshore providers from your country, nearshore providers who operate in a nearby country, or offshore providers who are located overseas. Given that you have access to a global pool, often, you may find the expertise and specialization you need in a location that’s not physically proximate to you.

They Are Readily Available

Remember: in this model, the provider is dedicated to the needs of your project and business. They will be entirely focused on delivering exceptional results. Given this level of commitment, you can feel confident that your provider will work hard to satisfy your needs as an organization and build you a superior product.

The team will also be available to answer questions and address any concerns. With this model, the provider ensures that you’re completely comfortable with the process and end result.

They Are Efficient

Thanks to the dedicated development team’s high level of expertise and experience, as well as their commitment to and focus on your project, they will be able to complete your project quickly and efficiently without cutting corners. They will work hard to meet project deadlines and benchmarks.

Moreover, the team will continuously check in with you to ensure the project is evolving according to your requirements and expectations, preventing them from having to backtrack later on, which will cost them — and you — time and money.

They Are Cost-Effective

Cost savings are high when you outsource your project to a dedicated development team. You’ll save on resources, full-time salaries, onboarding, and overhead expenses, and more since the provider will have its own infrastructure in place.

If you choose a nearshore or offshore provider for your software development project, you’ll save even more. Many of these countries have developing economies, which means you’ll receive quality services at a fraction of the price of an onshore provider in the United States.

You’ll Have Complete Oversight

Turning over your project to another company may seem risky, but don’t worry. You’ll have complete oversight from start to finish. While the provider will be working on the project itself, they will keep you apprised of their efforts from start to finish.

Before signing a contract, you can discuss communication channels, such as Skype, Zoom, and/or Slack, as well as project management tools to keep you informed about the project’s progress, such as Trello or Jira. If you want to use a different approach or change direction, the dedicated development team will work with you to accommodate your requests while still moving forward with the project.

You’ll Benefit from Long-Term Collaboration

Collaboration is critical to your project’s success. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of Agile software development, a methodology UNL Solutions and many other dedicated development teams embrace.

Your provider will collaborate internally and with you, their partner in this project. What’s more, since the partnership is typically a long-term one under this model, your provider will come to recognize and understand your needs intuitively and work with you to achieve the best solutions for your business.

They Are Adaptable

Projects often don’t go as planned. New requirements arise, competitors release products, and problems come to light. A dedicated development team will be able to adjust and change course based on your requests and say-so, all while maintaining productivity and efficiency. Part of being focused on your business means being flexible and having established procedures that account for changes in your plan, after all.

There are plenty of reasons to use a dedicated development team, from expertise and efficiency to cost savings. To learn more about the model and how we can help you build quality software, contact UNL Solutions today.


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