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Navigating Finance Tech: Tailored IT Services for Financial Success

In the rapidly evolving world of finance, robust IT infrastructure and software solutions are indispensable. At UNL Solutions, we specialize in providing tailored IT services for financial institutions. Our expertise, combined with flexible outsourcing models, empowers financial organizations to streamline operations, enhance security, and stay ahead in the competitive financial landscape.

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With decades of experience in IT, we have honed our skills to perfection. Our team consists of industry experts, including software developers, network engineers, cybersecurity specialists, data analysts, and AI enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring our clients receive innovative and future-ready solutions.

Why Choose Us


Our outsourcing models, including outsource, outstaff, and dedicated teams, allow you to scale IT resources as needed for your financial projects.


Outsourcing eliminates the overhead costs of hiring and training in-house teams, enabling strategic budget allocation.


We stay at the forefront of financial technology trends, ensuring your solutions are innovative and future-ready.

Focus on Your Goals

With us managing your IT, you can concentrate on your core financial services while we handle the technology.

Global Reach

Our offices span the globe, ensuring top-tier IT support regardless of your organization's location.

Our Financial IT Services

Custom Software Development

We specialize in crafting customized financial software solutions, including banking platforms, payment gateways, and risk management systems.

Data Analytics

Our data experts help you leverage data analytics to make informed financial decisions, detect fraud, and enhance customer experiences.


Protecting sensitive financial data is paramount. Our cybersecurity specialists implement robust measures to secure your systems against threats.

Legacy System Modernization:

We assist in modernizing and optimizing legacy systems, making them more efficient and aligned with current industry standards.

Where WE DO

Success Stories


Creating a multifunctional platform for catering establishments, allowing them to accept and process customer orders online.
3 and a half years of cooperation, Dedicated Team of 4 developers.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, HTML
Industry: Trading, Service

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Application core system which handles 3rd party applications and manages its data and data access.
6-month cooperation, the Dedicated Team of 4 developers and 1 BA.
Technologies: Java, C#, JS, NodeJS, Angular
Industry: Business

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Payment processing app

A team of 2 dedicated Java developers to deliver the payment processing application for the bank.
2 dedicated developers, 7-month cooperation, 1 dedicated developer for further application support.
Technologies: Java, J2EE
Industry: Banking

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Enhancing Financial Success While Controlling Costs

Discover how our IT outsourcing services can transform your financial organization, boost operational efficiency, strengthen data security, and help you stay competitive in the financial industry. Contact us today to discuss your specific financial IT requirements and embark on a journey toward IT excellence in financial services.

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