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Development of a mobile application that is mainly used by the patient; Web application for medical staff; API for interacting with the device.
2 developers with 18-month cooperation.
Technologies: Angular, NodeJS, ExpressJS, IoT, ChartJS
Industry: Medicine, Healthcare

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Creating a multifunctional platform for catering establishments, allowing them to accept and process customer orders online.
3 and a half years of cooperation, Dedicated Team of 4 developers.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, HTML
Industry: Trading, Service

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Development of a mobile application with the help of which diagnostics and initial configuration of the security system device will be performed.
2 Dedicated developers working more than 4 months, the work is going on.
Technologies: Ionic, Angular, Typescript, Sentry
Industry: Security

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Creating of web application; automation of processes in energy trading.
3 years of cooperation, Dedicated Team of 2 developers
Technologies: Java, Angular, ChartJS
Industry: Energy

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Complement UK based team with remote developers to achieve scale; remove technical debt by moving customers onto new product stack.
A year and a half of hard work of our dedicated team (initially 11 people worked on the project, at the moment 7 specialists continue to work on it).
Technologies: React, Redux, JS, Python, Perl, NodeJS
Industry: Telecom, Media, Broadband

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A mobile bicycle rental application with web-administration.
Over 1 year of work with the Dedicated Team of 2-4 developers.
Technologies: Java, React Native, Redux
Industry: Rental

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Optimization and simplification of ship monitoring and routes.
Long-term cooperation with 3 Dedicated Developers.
Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, Azure
Industry: Energy, Shipping

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