13 Best Free Food Delivery Apps in UK: It’s Time to Learn Them All

Plans developing a mobile app that will dominate the market of food delivery applications? The first thing you should do is to get acquainted with the top 13 most popular food delivering service providers.

For the last few years, the popularity of food applications of different types has been growing significantly. The hectic lifestyle that the majority of the residents of the UK have now is the main factor that has an impact on the demand for food delivery apps. Every year the number of people who every day prepare meals themselves is decreasing. The only way-out in such a case (if you don’t want to eat snacks from the nearest supermarket) is to buy food at a restaurant or a cafe.

But let’s admit that quite often we just do not feel like going to a cafe and eat out. Are we obliged to die starving in such a situation? Definitely not. Food delivery or taking away will rescue you. And it’s worth mentioning that food delivery apps can be probably named as the best solution as it is significantly easier to make an order via the app on your smartphone than to phone an operator, not to mention going to a restaurant to take your food out.

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There are so many UK food delivery apps so that it may be quite difficult to choose the most impressive one. In this article, we have gathered for you 13 free food apps for the UK that definitely deserve your attention.

Just Eat

Just eat UK app is probably the most well-known and highly-praised food delivery application (or one of them) not only in Great Britain but far beyond its borders. People living in the US, the Asian region, as well as in the number of Latin American and European cities enjoy the opportunities that this app offers. According to some people, namely, Just Eat is the best UK food delivery app. Though tastes differ, we also believe that the functionality of this application is able to satisfy the current demands. With it, you can not only order food. London has plenty of restaurants that offer taking-out. So, Just Eat will help you to find such options. Moreover, a user-friendly interface and payment gateways ensure seamless user experience and an opportunity to pay for your order just in a couple of seconds.


Since 2013, this application has managed to grow from just an idea to one of the best food apps in the UK. It is one of the most successful startup unicorns. Even Amazon believes in it (and don’t you think that the investments from such a giant can be considered as a real sign of quality?). The idea that was taken as a core one for the development of this app is to provide the highest quality of services, elaborate the quickest way of food delivery and offer more jobs for riders. Though it’s not the only food delivery app in the UK that relies on riders, namely, Deliveroo is probably one of the most attractive ones for potential employees.  Deliveroo is constantly working on expanding the range of restaurants the food from which you can order food via this app. If you want to order food in London, you definitely need to consider Deliveroo as one of the preferable options. The company applies machine learning algorithms to find the best routes to deliver orders that help to reduce the time needed.


Quiqup can definitely compete for the status of the best food delivery in London. The startup significantly invests in its tech development. It offers not only food from restaurants but also various items from retailers as well. You can opt for on-demand or same-day delivery and be absolutely sure that a courier will be at your doorbell just at the time that you’ve chosen. Being one of the most reliable and popular food delivery apps in the UK, Quiqup is actively expanding not only within the country but on the international level as well.


This app can offer you the possibility to search for a preferred restaurant in your area and place an order online. The network of more than 10 000 partnering restaurants is definitely a quite impressive one. The placed orders are to be processed by restaurants and delivered by their couriers just for a small fee. Moreover, Hungryhouse can be useful not only for those who want to order delivery. You can use it as a convenient UK restaurant finder app. Looking through the list of restaurants, you can browse their takeaway offers and come to take your order on your own.


When you want to order food online in London, why not download the UberEats app? Uber has already made its name as the driving service but it’s not bad at food delivery in London as well. And probably “not bad” is definitely not the most appropriate description for it. If it is ranked as one of 13 best restaurant apps in London and the UK, it’s not just “not bad”, it is really very good at it. It offers a good choice of restaurants and cafes and provides a useful option for order scheduling. Moreover, thanks to the application of the advanced GPS system, you can always track your order for delivery food in London.


Jinn is a well-known restaurant app in the UK. Moreover, it goes far beyond simple restaurant food delivery. Self-employed couriers who serve the project can deliver to you practically anything that you may wish from local stores. An easy-to-use interface, as well as competitive rates, make the app the choice of many hungry customers who do not want to prepare dinner themselves. The company claims that their couriers are probably the quickest in the world, which provides you with an opportunity to get your food delivered just in minutes.

Hungry House

When it comes to free restaurant apps in the UK, we cannot but mention Hungry House. It’s a really strong player in the food delivery arena in the country. And you know that the customers’ love is the main evidence of the fact that the app (and the team staying behind it) is on the right way. A huge choice of restaurants, timely delivery and hundreds of happy clients – that’s about Hungry House. And namely, all these features make Hungry House the best food delivery in London for many clients.


With Zomato, London users who want to order food online can enjoy an amazing range of different options. Users say that they like the interface that the app has and an opportunity to look through the reviews before placing an order. Moreover, Zomato is one of the most popular food discount apps in London as it has a special Zomato Gold program that can offer you access to the most attractive deals and offers. It is a 100% client-focused service and has all the chances to get the status of the best food delivery app London.  But as we do not need to name the only one app, we are happy to add it to this list of 13 popular London food delivery apps.

Food Hub

Need to find the nearest cafe? Use Food Hub. Want to order some food online? Use Food Hub. The app does not take any fees for placing orders or delivery, which is extremely appealing for clients, isn’t it? Moreover, many customers consider Food Hub to be the best food app in the UK thanks to the coverage of such a wide range of different cuisines. It may even seem that there is no such food that you will not even have an opportunity to find with Food Hub.

Domino’s Pizza

It is difficult to meet such a person in London who hasn’t heard about Domino Pizza. It has been enjoying its high popularity for many years already (and it is still not going to lose its positions). Pizza is loved by everyone (or practically everyone). But this app offers you not just to order pizza. It offers you to customize your pizza. Can it be better? The user-friendly interface makes the app intuitively clear and just in a couple of minutes, you can create your ideal pizza that you will have an opportunity to enjoy within an hour. This food delivery London app also offers you different ways for payments: you can pay via PayPal, by your card or in cash when a courier comes with your order.


Talabat was one of the pioneers among restaurant apps in the UK. It partners with a great number of fast-food restaurants and coffee houses. This free London delivery app is perfect if you want to have a quick bite; your order will be delivered just in time (if not earlier). Though more and more competitors are entering the market every year, Talabat is still here and is still conquering new hearts of hungry users.

Eat Clean Me

This app is for sure, the best food delivery app in the UK for those who want to eat healthily. It offers a lot of traditional food options but it can be considered to be a novel food application as well. In the app, you can find a lot of variants for those who prefer vegan food or need to consume gluten-free products. However, you do not need to worry, as all the restaurants that collaborate with Eat Clean Me meet EFSA novel food application requirements, which makes this food safe for you. While making a choice in this food delivery app in London or any other location, you can consider nutrition per portion of each dish.


Have you heard about this restaurant app in London? Though it is still probably not the most popular restaurant booking app in the UK (as it is an international player and UK is not its first market), it is actively gaining momentum. It offers a secure payment system and has already entered a partnership with many well-known restaurants in the country. Thanks to the highest quality of the services that it provides, it absolutely deserves its position in the list of the best restaurant apps the UK.

It is our list of London food apps that have high chances to be of great use for you. Though they all are different, they all can become the best restaurant app in the UK for you and your family or team. Have you found your favorite London food app on our list? Or do you prefer to use a food portal that we haven’t mentioned?


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