How to hire .net development company in UK?

A quick guide to hiring ASP.NET developers or choosing reliable vendor. All you have to do is bookmark this blog and use it as your weapon.

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is an open-source web development framework that is developed by Microsoft Technologies to build modern web services and websites. It has become the leading choice when it comes to a website, web services, and web applications development.

DO YOU KNOW? According to BuiltWith Trends Statics, There are more than 2 million live and historical websites built with the ASP.NET web framework.

Websites like,,, and are leveraging the power of ASP.NET for their websites.

As per the report from SimilarTech websites built from ASP.NET are handling more than 700 million monthly visits.

When it comes to hiring a dot net developer we all become a little bit skeptical: especially if the development company is from another country. And we understand your worries and we’ll try to tell you how to avoid mistakes when choosing the .net development company.

How to hire the right ASP.NET developers?

Now let’s have a look at the right process to hire .NET developer.

We have created a simple five-step process that will be more helpful to follow and understand.

Follow 5 Step Process to Hire .NET Developers

STEP 1: Understand the Pros and Cons of ASP.NET

  • We know that this is the most common thing for any person to know but it is the most important aspect as well. Even if you are a tech-savvy person – sometimes you can misjudge.

  • We think that this particular technology is matching our requirement so let us move ahead with this one. But later you realize that there are a lot of more features and functions which are not available. It is better to list out the pros and cons of ASP.NET before beginning the hiring process.

STEP 2: List out your requirements and expectations

  • This is the most important step. If you are not clear with your expectations with the developer you will not be able to hire a development company matching your requirements.

  • It is crucial to sit and figure out what do you need in the project and what do you expect from the .NET development company.

STEP 3: Screening test of the developer

  • Never fall into the trap of a big firm, when it comes to the software development company. Even if the company is huge it might not have that much skilled .NET CMS developer.

  • Quick Tip: Always create your own set of questions and use them to analyze the skills of the developer.

STEP 4: Finalize Working Hours and Rate before Beginning

  • Its time to discuss the per hour rate and total working hours of the developer. Every country and every company has a different hourly charge. Make sure to clear out the price thing in advance.

STEP 5: Sign the Contract

  • Now the final step is to sign the agreement. Just make sure to assign the project to a company that is in your budget and which understands your requirements.

  • Read every word of the contract carefully. You should be the sole owner of your project; once the project is completed the developer will not have any right on it. This should be very clear in the contract.

What are the Engagement Models to hire .NET developers?

Different hiring models help to make the process more flexible for everyone.

  • Fixed Cost Model: When you know that your project has a few specific requirements and it won’t go beyond that then this model is the best option for you. This model is ideal for creating well-defined projects or prototypes of any idea.

  • Full-Time Hiring: This model is especially for those who want to increase their team members. You can hire ASP.NET developer for a full-time basis and the developer will work 8 hours a day for your project only.

  • Hourly: This model is mainly for urgent requirements. If your project is small or you want to resolve any particular issue then you can hire a developer for any particular hour. By this, you will have to pay just for the hours required.

Hire ASP.NET Developers Vs Outsourcing Project to a Company

This question is one of the most popular among companies who need to hire dot net developers. We all wonder the reason why some companies outsource their project and why others hire a developer for the same kind of project. Let’s have a look at scenarios for both:

When to outsource the project to a company?

If you are not that much tech-savvy then you should outsource the project. Outsourcing the project works best when you don’t have time to manage each thing in the project. This might cost you more as compared to hiring a developer and takes more time to deliver the whole project.

When to Hire Dedicated .Net Developers?

This is best for two cases;

  • First is if you already have a team and you want to extend the team with new members.

  • Secondly if you are good at programming or are well-versed with .Net and you know that you can manage the task of the developer.

Hiring a developer will cost you way less than outsourcing the project but you need to keep in mind to have a check at the tasks and the development of the project.

Why to hire .NET developers from Eastern Europe?

Here are 5 Reasons to hire developers from Eastern Europe

  1. In the 21st Century, EE has continuously demonstrated it’s superiority in IT Services Industry across the Globe. Countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Poland – you can find top companies with most skilled developers there.

  2. The companies follow a strict code of conduct while hiring their developers. This is the major reason for the quality of work you will get from the developers from Eastern Europe.

  3. You can contact the developer at any time. You will get constant updates and ease of accessibility.

  4. Another important reason to hire ASP.NET developer from Europe is the Global quality standards IT companies follow here. Every well-accredited software development company follows quality certification standards like Six sigma quality certification, top quality management, Capability maturity model, customer operations performance center, etc.

  5. Besides; the developers from Europe are comfortable to work in all time zones(EST/ EST/ ACT/ GST etc). So it doesn’t matter in what time zone you live or what is the time difference between your country and Europe, you will get on-time assistance.

What things to keep in mind while hiring ASP.NET developers?

So now you are all set with the complete guide here are the final few things which you need to keep in mind.

Never compromise with the skills

  • If you have less budget wait for some time; don’t hire developers who are not much skilled just because they are charging less per hour charges. Quality work might charge you more but it will be more beneficial in the long run.

  • Even if you hire developers at a lower price today, you will have to pay more to improve the quality of the project. Maybe the developer got stuck at a point and does not know how to integrate certain features.

  • At that time you will be required to hire another developer urgently. In such situations, you will end up paying more.

Expensive does not mean better Quality

  • You might feel that we are contradicting our previous statement. But we are not. There is a difference between being expensive and being reasonable.

  • When you hire a dot net developer you will have to keep in mind to compare the charges of different companies. And never hesitate to ask why they are charging more as compared to other developers with the same experience.

  • If a software development company is charging more hourly charges that do not mean it has a more skilled developer.

Experience of the Developers is one of the most Important Aspects

  • When we work for a lot of time on technology or any field, we become proficient in it, we know how to resolve a few issues quickly. When we pay for per hour every minute, every second is important.

  • If our developer is not experienced enough to resolve small issues quickly we will end up paying more.

What to do when you are not that much Tech-Savvy?

If you don’t know much about ASP.NET and afraid to get cheated on then here are few tips which might help you out:

  1. Online Tests: There are a lot of online tests available for every technology; you can ask the developer to take the test. This will help you to understand the knowledge of the developer in libraries and frameworks as well.

  2. Utilize the power of forums and Internet: You can always ask for help online. There are different question and answer forums where you can post your issue. At such forums, you will find experts who are ready to help you even without any charge.

What are Rates to hire ASP.NET developers in Leicester?

The cost to hire a developer depends on several factors like:

  1. Experience: The cost of per hour development charge increases when the developer’s experience increases.

  2. Urgency: If you want to complete the work urgently then you need to pay more. The developer will charge a bit extra and will complete your task first.

  3. Location: The cost is higher in Tier-1 cities as compared to Tier-2 cities, even though the skills and experience of the developer will be the same.

Overall the cost to hire a developer starts from £20 per hour and goes to £80 per hour depending on the above-mentioned factors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Process of Hiring Developers

It’s not a secret that development companies in Europe have their development offices in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and so on. It helps to make the cost of development less, but at the same time all issues with the project can be solved very fast, because these companies have UK/US-based management.  So the project will be developed and delivered more quickly with no compromise in quality and reliability of solutions.

The most important factor is ASP.Net is capable to manage the most complex and heavy web apps. Along with that, there are other features like scalability, performance, and security.

Almost every second client asks us the reason why we are suggesting them to go for ASP.NET instead of other web development frameworks.

ASP.NET is supported by Microsoft Technologies. The company is working constantly to improve technology in every aspect. There is no way that it can lag behind any other technology in terms of performance.

With time the ASP.NET technology will evolve and thus your web app or website will evolve with it as well.

We are available on every communication channel or platform. You will get the latest updates on the progress of the project at the end of the day. Besides you can connect with the developer at any time and check the work and progress.

We have a highly skilled team of developers and experienced project managers. The developers are well aware of their respective technologies and the managers know how to keep a check on the project and maintain the quality in the process.

ASP.NET core is the successor of the ASP.NET framework. In the beginning ASP.NET core was known as ASP.NET 5, later on, it was renamed. ASP.NET core works for all the major operating systems, macOS, Windows, and Linux;

While ASP.NET was only for the Windows. Still, if you think you want to discuss more both, our experts will assist you to select the right type based on your requirements.

Here are our dedicated services for ASP.NET technology:

  1. SharePoint Development

  2. ASP.NET MVC3/MV4 Development

  3. Custom .NET CMS Development

  4. Enterprise ASP.NET Development

  5. ASP.NET B2B Portal Development

  6. ASP.NET Shopping Cart Development

  7. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  8. ASP.NET Migration Services

At last, this was our guide to hiring ASP.NET developers. Now all you have to do is bookmark this blog and use it as your weapon.

Moreover, you can always ask our team for your support. UNL Solutions has 10+ years of experienced ASP.NET MVC developers.

Get in touch with us today and let’s begin the journey of a long-term business commitment.


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