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A digital marketplace for finding and booking tee times across Europe.
1.5-year cooperation, further extension and application support.
Technologies: Java, Groovy, Grails, Bootstrap

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The Challenge

UNL Solution was challenged to provide software support in Nexxchange expansion. The customer requirement was to integrate the developer’s systems into the other services.

The developers’ major responsibilities were to integrate the platform with a fiscal system of Slovenia and Greek Cyprus, work with POS terminals and implement the protocol of the French Golf League to the customer’s system.

In addition, the most important customer’s request was to find the highly qualified and experienced developers, who would perform the implementation of protocols without asking too many questions.

What did UNL do

The platform fundamental part is written in Groovy programming language. As for the framework, the website is based on a Grails with the advantages of No XML configuration, ready-to-use development environment and functionality available through mixins. It was used in conjunction with Bootstrap front-end framework. Apache Groovy was chosen due to its stable performance in  AST transformations, triggered through annotations, and Java-syntax-compatibility.

For the development of client-side logic, our developers used DOM manipulation library with all its advantages in the face of cross-browser support, feature detection, extensibility through plug-ins and JSON parser. Database Management System was implemented by MariaDB, a community-developed fork of the MySQL Database.

The main features of Nexxchange are as follows:

  • fully integrated B2B golf club management software-as-a-service ‘GolfSuite’
  • tee-time booking
  • high performance & low costs
  • no server or software on site required
  • tournament, membership management

The Results

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