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Dedicated .Net developer on a long term with a narrow expertise and experience in medical sphere. 100% match to the client’s requirements. Direct communication with the client’s internal team.
1-year contract, full-time employment, share client’s tools and processes.
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The Challenge

Kvikna is a technical and scientific software development company based in Iceland. Their medical products are used by many clients across the USA, UK, and Scandinavia. When Kvikna required more workforce for advancing their products they faced a challenge of finding the needed resources.

The Icelandic market is short of strong IT specialists. Also, the client needed a rare tech expertise (WPF) which was hard to find locally. Since its foundation, Kvikna kept their development in-house.

The management felt skeptical about the idea that a remote developer could blend into their team. After meeting with our director, they decided to try.

What did UNL do

Based on the client’s requirements we carefully handpicked and purpose hired an extremely strong developer. Not only has our developer the needed expertise, strong English and 10 years of experience in .NET under his belt. He has spent the last 3 years working on projects for a medical sphere. The client was naturally surprised to see a candidate of such a perfect match.

For a quick start, our developer visited the client’s office to meet and work with the internal team (7 members in total). He got knowledge about the project and its architecture, watched the product’s demonstration in real time and real operating conditions. He quickly adopted all the tools and even client’s working hours.

Upon the return, our developer keeps close contact with the team, being managed directly by the PM. Our developer works at our office, but as for the rest, he is client’s full-time employee and a part of his internal team.

The Results

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