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Improving the store’s order placement and comparison functionality. Custom module development.
2 Magento developers, dedicated team, Magento 1 site.
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The Challenge

Arlo & Jacob is a family-owned business producing a range of furniture including sofas, chairs, and footstools. Customers can visit their online store, choose a piece of furniture, tailor it to their taste (size, fabric, finishing touches) and order it online.

Arlo & Jacob wanted to improve the functionality of their store and add a couple of features that would allow more quick order placement and processing. They were looking for contracted Magento developers who would deliver the needed functionality and integrate it into their store.

What did UNL do

Our team was involved in 3 functionality areas – order placement, product comparison, and widgets.

Order placement. We extended the native Magento functionality for order placement. Within a single window, customers can choose a furniture fabric type, color, print pattern, add finishing touches and proceed to check-out. The order placement process has become more feature-rich yet remained simple and in 3 quick steps. 

Comparison functionality. The default Magento comparison functionality was not enough for the client. We created a custom comparison module. It enables users to add and compare different pieces of furniture by specific parameters. 

Widgets. We also improved the functionality of widget creation making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Our client can add the images to carousel quickly via admin panel.

The Results

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